Hey Trauma Campaign

At Hey Trauma, The Day We Met…We are expanding the conversation to “What Happens After You Meet Trauma?” for all survivors who experience violence and those also impacted — their partners, friends, and family. Not only is a broader conversation needed, but a broader understanding surrounding the mental and physical AFTERMATH of violence in general — without shaming, blaming, invalidating, or placing the survivor on trial. We at Hey Trauma, want to destigmatize life post personal violence, increase trauma awareness, and give voice to what is often silenced, dismissed, and shamed.

Breaking The Silence

You are invited to share your story on surviving personal violence — domestic violence, war/military trauma, suicide, sexual assault, medical illness, parental/child separation, parental incarceration, homelessness, human trafficking, secondary trauma, substance abuse, hate crimes, etc.

At Hey Trauma, we are working to open a path for all survivors to step out of the shadows of silence and give you a glimpse and understanding of what happens to a person mentally, physically, and spiritually after…they meet trauma. This campaign allows survivors to anonymously and safely speak about the messiness of life after personal  violence and how they experience this unwelcomed relationship with trauma.

The Aftermath

Trauma is not a story about the past. It lives in the present - in both the mind and body. Left untreated, it has no expiration date. ~ Dr. Lane

Silent Epidemic

Trauma is more than a singular event. The Aftermath of personal violence can be more devastating and debilitating than the trauma itself. Trauma is a silent epidemic and survivors can’t simply “move on or get over it” — impossible for even the strongest of us! Nevertheless, there remains a societal paralysis in the conversation following human trauma and empathy towards victims. This silence acts as a barrier to recovery, perpetuates the stigma of mental illness, and continues the never-ending multi-generational cycle of violence against children and adults within families, communities, and society as a whole.  Consequently, survivors tend to stuff everything that follows trauma in this internal secret and silent space.  


The Project

Help us spread awareness and change the conversation about what happens after trauma enters your life – the day you meet trauma – for survivors as well as those impacted — their partners, family, and friends. 

It's Anonymous - Speak Up!

Please fill out our online postcard and share your experience about life post trauma. It is time to address the silent and crippling effects that survivors face after the experience of violent events and for survivors to say “There is no shame in what happened to me, this is how I feel, and this is how my life changed the day I met trauma.”

All written works are 100% anonymous as names and/or identifying information are not required. Each postcard will be shared via Instagram, Twitter, and installations  combining visual arts with written works. The more postcards we post the bigger the impact will be.

#Speak Up #Rise Up

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