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You are invited to share your story on surviving personal violence — domestic violence, war/military trauma, suicide, sexual assault, parental/child separation, parental incarceration, homelessness, human trafficking, secondary trauma, substance  abuse, hate crimes, etc.
Our Goal: At Hey Trauma, we are expanding the conversation to “What happens after trauma enters your life?” for all survivors who experience violence and those also impacted — their partners, friends, and family. Not only is a broader conversation needed, but a broader understanding surrounding the mental and physical AFTERMATH of violence in general…without shaming, blaming, invalidating, or placing the survivor on trial. We at Hey Trauma, want to destigmatize life post personal violence, increase trauma awareness, and give voice to what is often silenced, dismissed, and shamed.
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Hey Trauma, The Day We Met


Hey Trauma, The Day We Met

It's strange how trauma affects you, because not one day has gone by that I haven't thought about what happened, there are still good and bad days…going out and trusting people has become a mission, I get socially anxious even though I really want to surround myself with people. It can be frustrating, but it's important to remind myself I'm still healing.

There is this analogy John Lock gives to Charlie when he was going through heroine withdrawals in the famous TV show 'Lost'. Somehow it stayed with me and now I can relate to it more than ever.

A butterfly needs to fight and push its way out of it's cocoon. If it gets helps along the way, it won't develop the strength and necessary survival skills for its new and evolved state/life.

I liken myself to the butterfly and the trauma is my cocoon. Eventually I will develop the strength to find my way out of it but until then I will take my time to heal. No one else can break this cocoon for you because it's in you…you have to be strong and keep trying. This is Gods way of preparing me for what I need to become..I will emerge from it evolved and stronger than I ever was…