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You are invited to share your story on surviving personal violence — domestic violence, war/military trauma, suicide, sexual assault, parental/child separation, parental incarceration, homelessness, human trafficking, secondary trauma, substance  abuse, hate crimes, etc.
Our Goal: At Hey Trauma, we are expanding the conversation to “What happens after trauma enters your life?” for all survivors who experience violence and those also impacted — their partners, friends, and family. Not only is a broader conversation needed, but a broader understanding surrounding the mental and physical AFTERMATH of violence in general…without shaming, blaming, invalidating, or placing the survivor on trial. We at Hey Trauma, want to destigmatize life post personal violence, increase trauma awareness, and give voice to what is often silenced, dismissed, and shamed.
All written works are 100% anonymous!

Hey Trauma, The Day We Met


Hey Trauma, The Day We Met

Once upon a time,

The past is a story we tell ourselves and your tale is captivating. Fully immersive, breathtaking, thoroughly suffocating. Your twists and turns leave me bewildered and looking for a face that is never there to look back for mine.

Like the knowing child I squint my eyes at your horror because I must be determined not willing, to witness you as you force your way into me. I harbor you in my stomach and when I must speak your words from my belly I am nothing if not captivating too.

When I raise my voice to my chest to speak closer to their hearts must my own plummet into your depths?

"Leave alone with me" you said, and I replied "leave me alone". My wish became their command. Thus you had me all to yourself.