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You are invited to share your story on surviving personal violence — domestic violence, war/military trauma, suicide, sexual assault, parental/child separation, parental incarceration, homelessness, human trafficking, secondary trauma, substance  abuse, hate crimes, etc.
Our Goal: At Hey Trauma, we are expanding the conversation to “What happens after trauma enters your life?” for all survivors who experience violence and those also impacted — their partners, friends, and family. Not only is a broader conversation needed, but a broader understanding surrounding the mental and physical AFTERMATH of violence in general…without shaming, blaming, invalidating, or placing the survivor on trial. We at Hey Trauma, want to destigmatize life post personal violence, increase trauma awareness, and give voice to what is often silenced, dismissed, and shamed.
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Hey Trauma, The Day We Met


Hey Trauma, The Day We Met

I don’t even know what day it was. I would have been very young. My parents never got along and fought constantly. Narcissistic father and borderline/depressed/suicidal mother. Our family was the “P” and “S” show with the kids drug along to play their part. Didn’t want to play? You’re useless. No one would believe me. No one would help me. Whenever I made a friend, I was moved to a different state so I just gave up. I was so isolated I self harmed at the age of 7 and it took a week before my mother noticed. She didn’t ask what was wrong. She didn’t try to be a more supportive mother. I was drug into the doctors and medicated at that same age. I think it messed up my brain because I can’t get off antidepressants anymore.

I hate my abusive father. I hate my self centered, enabling mother. I hate that I don’t have a good reason to cut them out of my life since they fake being nice now that I’m out of the house. It would be better if they were gone. I should have moved further away.

Mom, you’re a coward with a victim complex. Dad, you’re just a shit human being and I fear for your little girlfriend’s safety. She doesn’t know the real you, does she? The child beating, animal abusing monster? No, you’re playing a part now. Then it will be time to play hers. Or else.